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MA Program

German Philology: Theory and Applications 


The aim of the MA program is to provide students with academic training and to foster research in the areas of the two specializations of the Postgraduate Studies Program:

      ○ Greek-German relations in literature, culture and arts

      ○ Interfaces between linguistics and didactics

The MA program is designed to provide students with the requisite theoretical and practical background knowledge to expand their expertise in their respective fields of specialization; to improve their teaching skills; and to take the first steps towars the production of original research. The objectives of the MA curriculum are fully tailored to meet the needs of the Greek teaching community (teachers of German as a Foreign Language, PE07 scholars). In addition, the program pursues the goal of training students in the fields of literature, arts, culture and linguistics. Participation in the program requires excellent active and passive knowledge of German and Greek (C2). For details please contact us dirctly.

Completion of the MA program leads to a "Postgraduate Diploma" in the field of "German Literature: Greek-German Relations in Literature, Culture and Arts" and "Interfaces between linguistics and didactics".